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Fabulous, Wendy! The Hispanic revelation got me to rethinking the “illegal immigration” issue. The LORD wouldn’t want us to be turning away His people, yes? I still need further illumination on this. Can you help? Thank you, and for a great article! Blessings always!

Wendy, you nailed it again. So if the wealthy, pre-occupied, American Church doesn’t keep the words of the prophecy, then doesn’t it follow that they are not blessed? Since they have material wealth, is God then not considering material wealth as a blessing? Thanks, Wendy. I’m feeling blessed.

Wendy, you are awesome! I have told many scientific skeptics about mitochondrial Eve but didn’t know about Y-chromosome Adam. Israel has been identifying the priests who would be sacrificing in the next temple by their Y-chromosomes.

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Oct 22, 2011 – Ready Reasons launches its Facebook page



Oct 21, 2011 – Ready Reasons hires media/web director Jeff Wippel

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The Bible says that both the written scriptures and the created world are messages from God. How, then, could they contradict? The supposed gulf between science and the Bible is largely the creation of secular scientists with an agenda and the ear of the media. When both are honestly interpreted, science overwhelmingly supports Scripture.

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